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At the heart of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, lies a community of passionate artisans, dedicated to preserving and advancing the fine art of custom gunmaking.

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ACgG Mission

The mission of the ACGG is manifold. As an entity, the ACGG will strive to function as a venue for the exchange of ideas concerning their craft and promote public awareness of custom gunmakers and their craft. While promoting the betterment of custom gunmaking we еstablish standards of excellence within the field of custom gunmaking and ethical guidelines to benefit those who create and use custom guns. ACGG nurtures and develops the next generation of custom gunmakers

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Vision ACGG


The vision of the ACGG is to be the preeminent entity in the United States for custom sporting firearms knowledge, skill, craftsmanship and artisanship. The ACGG aims to be the go-to organization for those seeking knowledge of custom sporting firearms or wishing to have a custom sporting firearm crafted.

Guild members share a common bond: they work toward passing on and perfecting the art of custom firearms. While the American Custom Gunmakers Guild is fortunate to have many of the world’s finest craftspeople as professional members, the broad diversity of our general membership dictates that we make no endorsement of any member’s level of expertise beyond that required for initial acceptance to the Guild.

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What is a custom firearm? It’s simple: a firearm painstakingly made to your order and specifications. Time-honored and hand-fitted, a custom firearm is a combination of years of experience, the latest in modern techniques and carefully planned and implemented modifications to the highest quality woods and metals. Fit and finish are of the highest standards.

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Each member is an individual craftsman with his own ideas and disciplines. Members have a wide range of experience and specialties, and the high quality of their work is from years of dedication to making custom firearms. You may want to select a Guild member, or a combination of members, to help you hone your custom gunmaking skills or develop your ideas for a custom firearm.

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