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Dembart Lives!!
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Dembart Lives!!


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For those who learned how to checker using Dembart cutters, the disappearance of the cutters was a shock.  Walt McVey has not gone away.  He just has not been able to communicate.  He kept in contact with several clients directly. 

Others never got through by phone or email. It happened to me.   

DEMBART TOOLS lives.  With the help of Brian Board I contacted Walt.  Surprisingly at the same number I have had in my phone for 30 years!!  He's a one man shop.  He has inventory to sell.  360-568-7356.  His website does not work.  Machines cause missed calls.  Be persistent.  Cutters from 16 LPI to 36LPI.

RECENTLY I found the replaceable cutting heads may be sharpened just like files.  Don't throw the $4.20 cutter away.  Brian Board says they are better the second time around.  Great news indeed