Dallas, TX – 1/5/2023 – At the 2023 Dallas Safari Club Convention the American Pistolsmiths Guild voted to merge and move their membership to the American Custom Gunmakers Guild under a new “Pistolsmith” category. The APG and the ACGG realized it would be beneficial to each of the organizations to combine forces. Instead of duplicating each other’s efforts the two guilds are combining and redoubling their efforts to improve the craft.

Quote from Daniel Batchelor, President of the APG: “The American Pistolsmiths Guild is proud to Join forces with the ACGG. From the beginning of each organization we have shared the same mission of promoting quality craftsmanship at the highest level. The time and place have come together this year at The Dallas Safari Club show for us to join forces. The APG Members will be creating the new category of ACGG Pistolsmith.

Personally, I’m excited our future. I can’t wait to see the collaborations that this merging of the two Guilds will bring. Synergy!”


Quote from Glenn Fewless, Vice President of the ACGG: “I had the honor of attending the American Custom Pistolsmiths Guild Directors Meeting where they voted to become part of the American Custom Gunmaker Guild and am convinced that they will be a great asset to our organization. The Pistolsmiths will bring new energy and ideas to our Guild and we will all be the better for it.
I am particularly excited about their commitment to education and the future of the art of fine gunmaking.

The ACGG is proud to have these fine craftsmen join us as we move forward!”

About the American Pistolsmiths Guild: Established in 1981, the American Pistolsmiths Guild was created “to promote a standard for quality, honesty, and workmanship in the pistol smithing trade by ascertaining the competency of anyone before they are recognized and admitted to the Pistolsmith Guild, and to provide a free exchange of technical data between the members of the Guild, for fostering a fraternal feeling among its members and to do the things that stand for the benefit of the organization and the advancement of the pistol smithing profession.”

About the American Custom Gunmakers Guild: Established in 1983, the American Custom Gunmakers Guild was created to function as a venue for the exchange of ideas concerning the craft, promote public awareness of custom gunmakers and their craft, promote the betterment of custom gunmaking, establish standards of excellence within the field of custom gunmaking and ethical guidelines to benefit those who create and use custom guns, and nurture and develop the next generation of custom gunmakers.

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