We have recently lost a phenomenal gun maker – Martin Hagn.  His work and design were extraordinary. His eye for perfection and his determination for quality were remarkable.  I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Martin on many projects, including his most challenging.  We had a strong and long-lasting professional working relationship.  Martin will be greatly missed.

Although many of you know Martin, you don’t know me.  I am Knut Lie, a gun-maker by trade with over 40 years of experience, starting with a 4 year diploma/apprenticeship in Norway. My expertise also includes engraving, die-sinker of 3-D dies, Tool and die maker, 3-D mould-making for plastic injection, blow moulding for plastic bottles, coining dies for trade dollars for throughout Canada and the US, and gun stock medallions for commemorative guns. 

I first met Martin in the early 2000’s, when we were both at a gun show in Kamloops, BC, Canada.  I was working at my engraving bench and Martin showed a keen interest in my work.  He wanted to see my workshop, and the end result was that he engaged me to make some blocks for his Mag actions. My work for him expanded from there and, for over 20 years, I completed engraving the prototype of his small action, scaling down the small action to create the Mini, making all his actions from the Mini to the 700 Nitro, machining his barrels from the octagon to round taper with quarter rib sling lug front ramp and the sling sleeves front ramp and quarter ribs for his round taper Mauser barrels.  I also helped him with concept design through 3-D printing parts with cut away so he could refine the design.  Martin loved the 3-D printed cut away parts.  I did all the actions on the computer with solid works in 3-D.  Falling block actions have always had an appeal to me and Martin’s actions are beautiful in terms of lines, curves, size and the simplicity of the internal parts. 

Martin had a strong drive for perfection and had worked with many in the gun trade, including Hartmann and Weiss.  I still remember being overwhelmed by the strength of the praise from Hartmann and Weiss during a stop-off at their workshop in Hamburg while holidaying in Europe.  Their comments about how highly Martin spoke of me still resonate with me today.

With his talents and all he has contributed over the years to the gun-making industry, it is important that his work is remembered and continues.  Martin worked on many projects with Ralf Martini, who is another incredibly gifted gun maker. Ralf Martini joined Martin in 2000.  At that time they were getting investment castings from Germany and Ralf convinced Martin to move to more modern technology and let me mill actions on a CNC from a solid bar stock. Ralf is working with Martin’s family and is committed to completing the projects that Martin started for his customers.  In the spring of 2023, Martin indicated that he wanted me to continue the legacy of the production of his actions. I am honoured to have this responsibility and, starting in the 2024, I am going to continue with the production of the Hagn actions, and planning on an outlet in the US where the actions can be purchased directly rather than having to work through customs. 

Thank you, Martin, for all you have contributed to our profession and trade. Rest assured, your skill and creativity will not be lost. The legacy of your craftmanship will continue.

-Knut Lie

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