Andover, NJ – Join the Hudson Farm Foundation and Griffin & Howe as they celebrate a century of unparalleled gunmaking craftsmanship, and mark 25 prosperous years of Hudson Farm. These momentous milestones coincide with the grand opening of the brand-new Griffin & Howe Showroom, all set to be commemorated in a grand showcase event spanning the weekend of June 2nd to 4th, 2023.

For more information on the upcoming showcase event and to book your tickets, visit here. Join us in celebrating and preserving the future of fine gun making craftsmanship!

Tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event are now available, offering attendees the unique opportunity to peruse an exhibition of the finest exhibitors in the industry and partake in an array of exciting shooting events. The ultimate goal is not just to entertain, but also to raise crucial funds for the future of fine gun making craftsmanship through the American Custom Gunmakers Guild (ACGG) Foundation.

The ACGG Foundation, dedicated to promoting and preserving the intricate art of fine gun making through extensive education, is paving the way for future generations of skilled craftsmen. As part of their efforts, the ACGG will be assisting the launch of an advanced gunsmithing school in 2023, providing aspiring individuals the opportunity to learn from the esteemed guild members themselves.

In addition to the showcase, the foundation will host a live auction featuring a custom-made Perazzi. This elegant 20-gauge shotgun with 30-inch barrels started its life as an MX5 but has been carefully handcrafted into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The team behind this extraordinary work of art includes renowned metalsmith Dennis Potter, who reshaped the action and chiseled fence. He also custom made the side plates fit to the receiver, trigger guard and screw set. The beautiful gunstock was carved into a semi-inletted state by AL Lind. Dennis Earl Smith designed the pattern and carefully crafted all of the stock details and finish.

Jeff Tapp meticulously cut the checkering at 26lpi, while Chris Rossiter added English rose scroll with 85% coverage and large scroll on plates. The deep relief sculpted scroll bud engraving on the fences enhances the elegance of this exquisite piece.

Doug Turnbull, renowned for his work in the firearms industry, color cased the action and charcoal blued the trigger guard. Dan Rossiter finished the barrels with a slow rust blue, complementing the firearm’s overall aesthetic. Steve Nelson performed side plate screw fitting, timing, slotting, and installation, as well as conducted a function test and trigger reassembly.

Click here to checkout more work in progress photos of this firearm on our forums!

The gun’s Turkish Walnut stock/forend, generously donated by Jim Bisio of Heritage Walnut, features a Schnabel forend, lending a classical touch to the firearm. The gun is balanced at 3/8″ behind the hinge pin, with a length of pull of 14 1/4″ to a .600 Pachmayr Decelerator pad.

Included with the shotgun are a certificate of authenticity and a square canvas print.

Bids are open online at

In an effort to promote the craft and educate enthusiasts, the ACGG Foundation has launched a YouTube channel filled with useful tutorials and interviews with guild members sharing their wisdom. Show your support for this cause by liking, subscribing, and leaving comments on their videos. This will help the foundation earn YouTube’s recognition as a content creator, securing revenue to continue and improve their videos. Find the ACGG Foundation’s YouTube channel here, and remember, your support is just a click away.

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