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Ammo and such in 2024


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Just passing on Industry information ---



From 'Country Wide Distributors'
Good morning, I just wanted to take some time to let you know what we are now hearing in regards to the direction ammo is heading in the rather near future. If you have not heard by now there is a shortage of nitrocellulose which is used to make gunpowder. Several manufacturers such as Vista, Ammo Inc and Winchester have already confirmed this news and have made it known they are going to be increasing prices in January because of this. We have also begun to receive news about all of this directly and are certain that a market shift is coming in the near future. Now like with many other things we are going to do our best to buy now and stay ahead of this while we can. Naturally though time will catch up to us and the ammo market everywhere will trend upwards again. More specifically we are gonna see a more direct impact on larger calibers that require more gunpowder as manufacturers are going to likely keep focused on common calibers that require less powder. 

Long story short we are unsure as to exactly when we may all begin to feel the effects of this shortage however it is pretty apparent that an increase in ammo pricing is coming in some capacity early Q1 of next year. With that all being said please feel free to do your own research on this. This is fairly public and getting more info should not be an issue. Use this information and what you find elsewhere how you see fit. I have included below a short list of some common calibers that are available down below. Please note that pricing seen below could begin to become more volatile and change at any point given the current state of the industry and where it is heading. I will do my best to keep you updated as we hear more and on ammo availability. If you have any questions or need anything please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks and have a great day!

best to all

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Hello Dave,

I still have a pile of ammo I bought from the last panic or was it the panic before that? Been in the firearms business since 1973. Many panics are genuine some are started by manufactures. With the " military industrial complex" in full mode, the civilian source of powder will be strangled off. I do think some manufactures will use it to raise prices even more though. I don't want to sound too cynical but for me I will do with less for now. Rabid leftist Democrat politicians are great for gun sales, that applies to ammo to. I do think this info is important to many clients, so I will pass this on to them. 

Thank you, Dave, for all your hard work!