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Good evening,


I installed a quarter rib, barrel band and, banded front sight today. Having never done this I am pleased whith how it went. What Is the most effective method you have found for removing the excess solder and cleaning up those joints? Thank you in advance for any guidance you might have.

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I have used a sharp chisel and even a knife blade to cut the solder down and take it close to edges. I have used an assortment of files. Wrapping wet-dry paper around a stone with a crisp 90 degree edge also works. Bead blasting with mild abrasive is helpful to show you where you have missed some - as is applying some cold blue which will show you were solder remains. 

Warming it up with a torch and then wiping with steel wool will also remove much of the excess.


good luck


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I use 2 tools to remove most of it. First is a double bevel chisel made from a brass rod. Quick and easy to sharpen. The second is an old, long front sight ramp from an old German rifle but, any soft piece of steel would do. I just serrated the long flat ramp with a 30 lpi checkering file and use it like a file to file off the solder. When it clogs or dulls out, just run the checkering file over it. Polish as normal to remove remnants of solder.


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