The American Pistolsmiths Guild made waves in 2020 with an ambitious scholarship fundraiser featuring a masterfully crafted pistol that encapsulated the collective genius of 11 of its distinguished members. Despite a delayed completion, the project has since culminated in a successful auction that fetched a remarkable $14,000. After fees, $12,000 will be directed towards the guild’s scholarship funds, marking the most successful fundraising initiative the Guild has embarked upon recently.

The collaboration involved guild members:

  • Don Fraley
  • Daniel Bachelor
  • Ed Vandenberg
  • Jason Chambless
  • Richard Heinie
  • KC Customs
  • Colby Brandon
  • Sean McSheehy
  • Brian Powley
  • Doug Turnbull
  • John Yanek

The intricate details and master craftsmanship of this one-of-a-kind pistol reflect the pinnacle of what the American Pistolsmiths Guild can accomplish. The pistol integrates the best of artistry and functionality, making it a true embodiment of America’s favorite sidearm. The aesthetic brilliance of the pistol includes open scroll engraving within zigzag outlined panels and the guild seal at the rear, all hand cut by Brian Powley. The same open floral scroll embellishes the frame, complemented by a fan motif in the trigger guard dish, cross hatches on the bow, and a sunburst below the ambidextrous safety.

The superior functionality of the pistol is just as noteworthy. A KC Custom Creation Battle Axe roll trigger hammer, Richard Heinie’s Slant Pro sights, and a match-grade barrel from Daniel Bachelor add superior performance to the striking aesthetics. The illustrious Doug Turnbull blue finish, satin edges, polished sides, and half-checkered walnut grips further accentuate the overall appeal of the pistol.

The auctioned pistol, with serial no. APG-2020, came with a Del Fatti brown leather holster sporting black elephant accents, two matching magazine carriers, and an American Pistolsmiths Guild challenge coin, further adding to the value of this exceptional package.

The American Pistolsmiths Guild’s recent triumph underscores the potential of harnessing creativity, craftsmanship, and collaborative spirit for philanthropy. This trailblazing endeavor serves as a model for future fundraising initiatives, promising to uphold the guild’s mission while showcasing the exceptional talent and skill of its members.

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